Home Décor Styles: What are the most popular?

Home Décor Styles: What are the most popular?

From modern to colonial, there are hundreds of decor styles to look toward for inspiration when it comes to decorating your home. However, we’re not all design experts, and pinpointing your personal style can seem daunting when you’re not familiar with all of the buzzwords. While there are too many home décor styles to reasonably list, in this article we’ve provided a brief explainer for some of the most popular styles in the country

What is a home decor style?

Home décor refers to everything from the furniture to the accessories that make up your space. Ergo, home décor style simply refers to the consistent elements in the room that can be defined under a certain style umbrella. Lovers of white, simple furniture may define their style as Scandinavian in influence, whereas those who have a fondness for rustic wood may resonate more with country style. 

Whether it’s for inspiration or simply to gain an understanding of your personal style, knowing the name of the home decor style you lean toward can help you on your decorating journey.

Home decor styles 101

Here are 14 mainstream home decor styles for you to take inspiration from.

1.- Boho style home decor

Characterized by a laissez-faire attitude, bohemian, or boho, style is best described as natural and carefree. By combining natural textures with a warm colour palette, this home décor style appears effortlessly chic. Materials such as rattan and cane are often seen in this home décor style, as well as layered rugs and small details such as tassels, fringing, and macramé.

2.- Modern home decor styles

Clean lines, uncluttered interiors and sleek furnishings what modern home decor is all about. Colours are kept neutral, with black and whites repeatedly commanding the space. Modern home décor applies simplicity to every element of the home, including furniture, in which materials such as glass and steel are often used. Although in design ‘modern’ is frequently used interchangeably with ‘contemporary’, the latter is more fluid and will change according to current trends, whereas ‘modern’ was born in the 20th century.

3.- Hamptons style home decor

Hamptons, or coastal style, gets its name from the upscale seaside communities along America’s east coast. This home décor style brings a touch of luxury to an otherwise natural and breezy atmosphere. Light colour tones are a consistent element among furniture, home décor items and walls in a Hamptons style home. Blue is also prevalent, often seen spattered over cushions and kitchen accessories.

4.- Mid-century modern style home decor

It’s all in the name. The ever-popular mid-century modern style is influenced by home décor in the mid-century, or the 50s and 60s. During this time, functionality was at the heart of home décor, resulting in a range of no-frills, sleek furniture pieces   — a deviation from the ornate decorations of the early century. Thanks to the almost minimalist qualities of mid-century style, it has remained relevant even in our current day.

5.- Antique style home decor

For lovers of all things vintage, antique style home décor is the ultimate nostalgic choice. While antique may technically refer to pieces that are more than 100 years old, this style can certainly be captured with readily available vintage and modern pieces. Gilded mirrors, tiffany lamps, lace curtains, intricate wallpaper and clawfoot tubs are all celebrated antique style home décor features, proving an old-world feel.

6.- Lodge style home decor

From tartan throw blankets to log chairs, lodge style home décor embodies a rich coziness. This home design style is rustic by nature, working well with handcrafted timber furniture and natural textiles such as leather. The colours prevalent in lodge home stylings are distinctly warm and earthy, with reds, browns and beiges dominating. This makes leather armchairs and leather couches great additions to lodge style homes.

7.- Art deco style home decor

With a nod to the roaring twenties, art deco style takes inspiration from old Hollywood. Characterised by repeating patterns, such as chevrons, circles and cubes, textiles in this style are often black and gold with vibrant pops of colour. Materials such as brass, glass and chestnut wood are also dominant in furniture pieces within the art décor umbrella.

8.- Industrial style home decor

With a sense of rawness, industrial style distinguishes itself from the rest. Seeming almost unfinished, industrial style homes showcase structural elements that are often concealed; exposed brick, pipes and ductwork are not uncommon in this style. When it comes to furniture and home décor elements, a mix of natural and manufactured materials are standard, such as leather, rustic wood and neutral-toned textiles, art and tapware.

9.- Resort style home decor

When a tropical holiday is out of reach, bring the tranquillity home with resort-inspired home décor. Resort style should capture the feeling of being on holiday, using bright whites, natural textures and pops of colour to evoke memories of sandy beaches and blue skies. Linen is essential in resort-style home décor as it captures the breezy feeling of a coastal holiday, so choose this material for anything from bed linens to tablecloths.

10.- Urban chic style home decor

It’s hip, it’s modern and it’s laid-back all at once, urban chic home decor is wildly popular — and for good reason. A blend of other home decor styles, urban chic home decor borrows exposed beams from industrial homes and the comfortability of contemporary furnishings. Somewhat cosmopolitan in appearance, this decor style showcases both natural textures and man-made materials such as copper and steel. 

11.- Colonial style home decor

Hailing from the US Colonial era (the 1500s to 1700s), this decorating style reflects the fashions of that time period. Sometimes described as rustic, and at other times traditional, this early American style boasts muted, warm colours and intricate furniture carvings. Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of this style is that things appear to be handcrafted, from furniture pieces such as tables to the sconces casting a dim light throughout the home.

12.- Scandinavian style home decor

Nothing captures the simplistic comfort of Scandinavian/Scandi style as much as the Danish word ‘hygge’, meaning cozy contentment. Functionality plays a defining role in Scandi style, with furniture and home decor pieces often sleek and minimal. Colour takes the back seat, allowing natural textures such as linens, jute and natural wood to really create the atmosphere. In general, Scandinavian style is uncluttered and relaxing, making for a soothing ambience.

13.- Baroque style home decor

Gaining momentum in the 17th century, particularly thanks to French Kind Louis XIVs lavish style, baroque home décor can only be described as grand. Furniture is oversized and intricate, with bed heads and sofas often featuring hand-carved trimming clad in gold. Chandeliers, large mirrors and rich, printed textiles are also prevalent in baroque style.

14.- Rustic farmhouse style home decor

Otherwise known as country style home décor, farmhouse interiors have a likelihood to cottage-style homes. Weathered wood is the essence of this decorating style, with distressed white furniture and panelling taking the centre stage. Gingham textiles also play a defining role in farmhouse interiors, as well as patterns such as plaid and stripes. Rustic-looking home accessories such as decorative vintage suitcases complement this home décor effortlessly.

Finding your perfect style

Your home is the one space you get to decorate exactly how you’d like. There’s nothing stopping you from borrowing from a range of pre-existing styles to create a space that’s uniquely yours. At the end of the day, as long as you’re happy with how your home feels, whatever style you tend toward is perfect.

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