Sofa Beds

For anyone with tight space restrictions or an extensive circle of friends that stay overnight, the sofa bed is the perfect piece of living room furniture. There are styles for classic, modern and retro interiors to match your unique lifestyle. Choose a style and size you like and enjoy quality seating by day transformed into quality sleeping by night. Remember a cover and some great cushions can really change the look of a sofa bed easily and seasonally.

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What should I look for when buying a sofa bed?

Much like their name suggests, sofa beds are primarily used as a bed and as a sofa. You’ll want to look for something that’s both comfortable and durable.

If you’ll be mainly using your sofa bed in the couch position, choose a style that prioritises seating comfort. If it’ll be used regularly in both positions, something that’s easy to reposition may be a better option for you. For those using it mainly as a bed, choose something with a supportive mattress.

What is the best type of sofa bed?

Understanding what the different types of sofa beds are should help you decide for yourself which will be best for your home:
-Clic clac sofa bed: Clic clac sofa beds can be configured into a bed, reclining lounge or regular upright seating.
-Daybed: A day bed can be used for sitting or it can sleep one child or adult.
-Futon sofa bed: Futon sofa beds typically have two positions, which is upright or down into a bed.
-Pull-out sofa bed: Pull-out sofa beds have a metal folding mechanism underneath the seat cushion. Lift up the seat cushion to fold out the bed.
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