What are the different types of candle holders?

There are six different types of candle holders to help you create your ideal mood lighting:

1. Tealight candle holders:

These are small cup-shaped pieces that perfectly fit tealights.

2. Candelabras:

Traditional and unique, candelabras hold multiple candles at a time.

3. Lanterns:

For both indoor and outdoor use, these are metal and glass structures that house tealights and pillar candles.

4. Candle chandeliers:

Perhaps not as common, candle chandeliers hang from the ceiling and house multiple small lights.

5. Taper candle holders

: These are long and cylindrical, perfect for dining tables.

6. Pillar candle holders:

Pillar candles are often the size of a mug, and feature holes to allow heat to escape and candlelight to be seen.

What is a candelabra?

Candelabras date back to 400BC, where their primary use was lighting. Their freestanding structure allowed them to both be placed on the table and easily picked up when walking through the house at night. Nowadays, candelabras are mostly used for decor, adding a vintage touch to any room.

They feature a pillar with branches that are able to hold at least three candles, if not more. Tealights, taper candles and even small pillar candles can be used in candelabras.

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