What are kitchen appliances?

A kitchen appliance is a home or commercial kitchen appliance that helps in the preparation of food or drink. Here are some examples of commonly used appliances:

-Ice cream and yoghurt makers
-Griddles and waffle makers
-Blenders and juicers
-Slow cookers
-Electric pressure cookers

Kitchen appliances sometimes serve a specialised purpose, such as a waffle maker, and other times can be used for a range of tasks. Blenders, for example, can be used to make smoothies, sauces, dips and even soups.

How long do kitchen appliances last?

The lifespan of a small kitchen appliance isn’t usually as long as an oven or fridge, but with proper cleaning and maintenance, your countertop appliances can last you years or decades.

Toasters and kettles tend to drop off within two to six years, while blenders and food processors may last longer at four to seven years. Microwaves can be used for longer, but it’s recommended that you replace them after ten years as they lose their effectiveness.

Must-have kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances can be very useful to a home cook, and only you can truly discern between an essential and a luxury. For most people, the standard, must-have appliances are toasters, kettles and blenders. Microwaves are also a common fixture in people’s homes, although some households may prefer to reheat their food on the stovetop.

If you’re someone who makes casseroles and soups often, an electric food processor may be considered a must-have in your household. Time-poor parents may also regard slow cookers as essential, so they can have dinner ready for their family at a reasonable time.
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