12 Modern and contemporary furniture ideas

12 Modern and contemporary furniture ideas

It’s out with the old and in with the new – contemporary furniture is making waves in the world of home décor, replacing frills and buttons with clean, geometric lines. If you’re eager to replace your 80s floral couch with something a touch more modern but are stuck on what to look for, you’ve come to the right place. From your bedroom to the dining room, we’re here to help you make your contemporary style dreams come true.

What is contemporary style?

In the world of design, contemporary style is defined by a deviation from the traditional decor. What does this look like? Clean lines, simple spaces, and a neutral colour palette. In a home, contemporary style can have just as much to do with space as the furniture. 

While modern-style may get a bit of a bad rap for appearing ‘cold’, this could not be further from the truth. While furniture may lack overt warmth and cozy components, a good contemporary style achieves a harmonious balance between fresh and homey.

In practice, contemporary style looks uncluttered, with decor elements kept somewhat minimal. Sofas and beds usually omit design elements like ruffles, skirts, or tassels. Tables avoid intricate carving, favouring bold structural lines instead.

12 ways to decorate with contemporary furniture

As mentioned above, contemporary style is characterised by an overall simple aesthetic. While furniture is just one element of overall style, in itself contemporary furniture possesses features to complement the overall contemporary style. These include:

. Strong straight and curved lines
. Unadorned furniture which avoids excessive carving
. Colour palettes commanded by black, white and neutrals
. Upholstery avoiding busy prints and clashing colours
. Minimal, simple decor pieces

Read on for contemporary furniture design inspiration for any space in your home.

Contemporary bedroom furniture ideas

1- Experiment with texture

When it comes to contemporary bedrooms, it’s hard to look past black and whites. Get back to black (and white) while still keeping your room feeling warm by incorporating modern textures to compliment your space. In this bedroom, woven leather brings a natural touch to an otherwise muted space, while still keeping things looking trendy.

Contemporary bedroom furniture ideas

2- Consider muted colours

For colour-lovers, the good news is that colour can certainly be made to look modern. Play it safe by choosing muted colours, such as pastels and light wood grains, to keep your room looking modish. Here, a headboard is omitted to allow baby pink and grey cushions to take centre stage, and two minimal bedside tables tie the space together.

Consider muted colours

3- Mix and match materials

Whereas more traditional bedroom designs may feature matching sets of furniture, contemporary spaces favour mix and matching materials. The trick is to keep furniture elements simple in pattern and texture, allowing decor features to draw attention. In this bedroom, an upholstered beige bed frame is balanced with modest, light timber bedside tables. The room is tied together with black metal lamps and photo frames

Contemporary dining room furniture ideas

4- Keep things light and airy

When it comes to contemporary style, what you don’t do is almost as important as what you do. Modern dining rooms avoid over-cluttering and keep both decor and furniture sleek and streamlined. White walls, furniture and modern rugs make this dining room feel spacious, and the pops of black, green and wood keep it grounded.

5- Introduce glass elements

Glass is rooted in the modern style movement, as glass coffee tables, hall tables and even dining room tables replaced their heavy timber counterparts in the early 2000s. Polished and sophisticated, glass furniture is still considered the epitome of modern style today. Here, a glass tabletop is held up by angular metal legs, giving this room a contemporary feel.

6- Incorporate hard lines

Nothing says contemporary quite like hard lines and geometric shapes. Moving away from the plush, scalloped interiors of the 80s, modern style prefers to make a statement through its silhouettes. This dining space combines hard lines with soft. While the table and chairs feature sharp corners, round decor elements and a shag rug offset the harsh interiors.

Contemporary living room furniture ideas

7- Consider geometric patterns

If you’re looking to update your living space, introducing some structural lines in the form of geometric upholstery fabrics is an easy way to go about it. Cushions, rugs and even throws featuring basic geometric shapes such as triangles can elevate your living room, giving it a more modern feel. In this funky living room, the textiles feature pops of colour and visually interesting patterns to help animate the space.

8- Choose natural materials

Contrary to what some might think, furniture and decor made of natural materials don’t always have to lean into a bohemian style. In fact, natural textures and finishes have the power to root a piece of furniture into the current day. Here, jute, timber, leather and suede are used to create a pleasant, warm atmosphere without detracting from the clean modernism. 

9- Go dual-toned

While bold colours are sometimes shied away from in contemporary design, you’ll be glad to learn there is a modern way to use colours you may not have thought of. Choose two main colours to liven up your space with, such as warm yellow and grey as pictured here, and keep things consistent across your living room.

Contemporary outdoor furniture ideas

10- Bring in modern touches

A straightforward way to inject a bit of contemporary style into your outdoor setting is by accessorising with modern-looking decor items. In this transitional outdoor space, throw pillows, vases, bowls and candle holders have been introduced to transform the scene. Sharp and geometric patterns offset the curved sofa profile to shift this space from classic to chic.

11- Keep furniture balanced

Balance is key to both a healthy life and a stylish outdoor dining area. Modern outdoor furniture should allow a space to feel spacious through a harmony of colours, textures and lines. The fun and fresh colour palette paired with the linear furniture and natural textures in this outdoor dining space strikes a good balance between warm and contemporary.

12- Go sleek and simple

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor furniture doesn’t always have to be bulky in order to be durable. Sleek furniture always looks elegant and contemporary, whether it’s inside your living room or on your back deck. The outdoor sofa in this entertainment space features slim legs and arms, making the space look fresh and airy.

Remember to keep an open mind

Whether you’re looking for subtle updates to your current home decor or are looking to strip down and start from scratch, we hope you’re inspired by our favourite tips and tricks. Keep in mind that our ideas aren’t hard rules, and you’re free to experiment with any decor features and furniture that your heart desires. Contemporary is, after all, ever-changing. 

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