What is a hide rug?

Hide rugs are unmistakable. Skin and hair are taken from an animal’s hide, such as a cow, and cured to create a rug that’s completely unique.

As these rugs are completely natural, they take on an irregular shape that varies according to the proportions of the animal. While cowhide is most common, you can find natural and faux hide rugs in a range of animal prints, such as zebra or horse.

What is faux cowhide?

Faux cowhide is simply a cowhide rug recreated with non-animal fibres. They have grown in popularity over the years as many have moved away from genuine animal furs, hides and leathers for ethical reasons.

Faux cowhide rugs often use polyester to recreate the texture and pattern of animal fur and often come at a fraction of the cost of genuine cowhide.

How can you tell if a cowhide rug is real?

There are three main indicators of whether a cowhide rug is real or fake:
-Price: Real cowhide rugs are typically much more expensive than fake ones.
-Texture: Real cowhide rugs should feel smooth when felt with the grain and coarse when felt against the grain. Faux rugs will typically be softer in texture.
-Source: If you’re shopping online for a hide rug, a good seller will disclose the source of the cowhide and any details of imperfections such as branding.

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