What is the best material for a dinner set?

The best material for a dinner set will come down to personal preference. Tableware, such as dinner plates, bowls and mugs, come in a variety of materials typically made from different kinds of clay, including:

-Bone china: Typically used for special occasions, bone china is a mix of clay and bone ash. It has a delicate appearance but is often quite durable.
-Porcelain: Porcelain is a more brittle material, but is made of a white clay that gives it a signature, brilliant white appearance.
-Stoneware: For everyday applications, stoneware is chip resistant and usually sturdy.

What is the most popular dinnerware?

For everyday use, the most popular dinnerware is usually stoneware. It’s the most widely available thanks to its durability and versatility. Unlike some other types of dinnerware, stoneware can safely go in the oven or microwave, making heating and reheating less of a hassle. It’s also dishwasher safe and scratch-resistant.

In formal dining applications, however, bone china and porcelain are more customary.
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