Freestanding wardrobes or armoires are perfect for houses or apartments without built-ins or for anyone who wants a classical look. A wardrobe provides hanging space for clothing and drawers for folded items. Wardrobes can be practical and very handsome additions to a bedroom.

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What are the different types of wardrobe?

There are three main types of wardrobe available in Australia:
-Mirrored wardrobes: As their name suggests, these wardrobes come with a single or double mirror on the wardrobe doors. Mirrors can add the illusion of space to a room and help reflect light.
-Sliding wardrobes: A space-saver, these wardrobes allow you access to your clothing with a sliding door.
-Hinged wardrobes: These wardrobes are the most classic, coming with hinged doors that open outwards.

What size wardrobe do I need?

The size of wardrobe most appropriate for your bedroom or walk-in closet will vary based on your storage needs. The more clothes you have, the more wardrobe space you’ll need.

A standard wardrobe has a width of about 80cm, which should be enough space for one adult’s hanging clothes storage. Couples or individuals who simply require more room can opt for a wardrobe with a width of 100-150cm. In terms of height, opt for something around as tall as you are so that you can easily hang longer garments such as dresses.

Are sliding wardrobes better than doors?

Sliding wardrobes are a great alternative to wardrobes with doors for those with smaller bedrooms. Rather than hinging outward, sliding wardrobes have doors that, as their name suggests, slide left and right to reveal your hanging clothing. This means that you won’t have to allocate extra floor space for doors that open.

On the other hand, hinged door wardrobes are the more popular type, meaning you’ll likely see a wider range of styles, giving you more freedom of choice.

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