4 gorgeous boho bedroom ideas

4 gorgeous boho bedroom ideas

While it may look effortlessly undone, bohemian style isn’t always easy to nail. Striking the perfect balance between carefree, quirky and stylish can be tricky, especially in a space as intimate as your bedroom. If you love all things natural and colourful and want to turn your bedroom into boho bliss, get inspired with these ideas for how to shop for, decorate and style your bedroom.

What Is Boho Style Furniture

Bohemian style is best known for its use of colour, patterns and texture. Current-day bohemian style takes influence from history many different cultures, but it was initially inspired by the artistic and nomadic travellers from ancient Bohemia. This style sprang into popularity during the 60s and 70s with the rise of counterculture. But while most may associate boho style with long, patterned skirts and flowy blouses, it also took the world of interior design by storm.

Much like what’s seen in boho fashion, bohemian furniture is free-forming, eclectic and a melting pot of influences. It’s hard to pinpoint what boho style furniture is because there are no hard rules, but thankfully, there are some common elements. 

When it comes to materials, unfinished timber, bamboo, cane and rattan are mainstream choices, but copper and gold accents are also often seen. An arched wicker bed head or mirror are staples in a bohemian bedroom. Upholstered chairs are also typical, with boho style favouring bold patterns in a warm colour palette. Mixing and clashing prints and colours is also a common theme across bohemian furniture design.

How To Style A Boho Bedroom

There’s more to bohemian bedroom style than just buying a rattan occasional chair. Achieve the laid-back ambience of your dreams with these five bohemian bedroom curation tips.

1. Timber, Timber, Timber

Driftwood, refurbished wood, hand-carved bed frames and cane are a must in bohemian bedrooms. By bringing these natural elements inside, you’re nodding toward the origins of bohemian style—the nomadic travellers walking across arid landscapes.

2. Get Thrifty

While travelling the world and collecting unique artefacts to showcase in your bedroom may sound wonderful, it’s much easier said than done. Celebrate the different cultural influences that make up bohemian style by collecting embroidered, fringed and jewelled items to decorate your room with. A coloured glass vase, for example, would work well here. 

3. Utilise Patterns

Oriental rugs, tribal textiles and mandalas are all trademarks of bohemian style. The look of organised clutter that comes with mixing patterns will work well to suit the boho aesthetic.

4. Choose Complementary Colours

Bohemian style often uses a warm colour palette, but not all warm colours work well together. Choose a handful of shades to get started and take care when layering with patterns. Bohemian bedroom style is forgiving, but it’s better to start limited and work up to introducing new colours.

5. Don’t Ignore White

While most of us will associate bohemian style with jewel tones and warm colours, white isn’t to be overlooked. White bed linen or curtains can bring out the patterns and hues in your accessories and furniture and tie everything together.

Boho Bedroom Furniture

Looking for inspiration for boho furniture that would look great in your master, guest or even kid’s bedroom? We’ll dive into the four main classes of bohemian style so you can let your imagination run wild with furniture and styling ideas.

Middle Eastern Boho 

Distressed paint, lanterns and oriental rugs are what Middle Eastern and North African boho is known for. The idea is to evoke the feeling of a Middle Eastern bazaar, so don’t be afraid of integrating rich colours and leaning into maximalism. Dark timbers and leather upholstery are standard for Middle Eastern bohemian style, so experiment with leather bed heads and mahogany nightstands. Anything with an arch or mosaic tiling will be your best friend.

Modern Boho

If you like bohemian style but aren’t ready to commit to a total cultural makeover, modern boho interiors may be a good fit for you. Botanicals, natural materials and floral patterns are trademarks of this bedroom style, helping create a laid back ambience. Rattan bed heads are a great statement piece for the bedroom and are neutral enough to allow you to adorn your bed textiles with bright hues and rich textures. If you’re not a fan of colours, white on white is also fantastic for boho interiors. When it comes to final touches, nothing says modern boho quite like a butterfly or wicker armchair in the bedroom corner.

European Boho

Dating back to ancient Bohemia, European boho embodies the spirit of the gypsy wagon. Trims and details make a European bohemian bedroom feel whole, such as beads, tassels and gemstones. Choose bedroom furniture with rich textures and dark and moody prints that make a statement. This branch of bohemian furniture style allows you to be more impulsive and scrambled, so it’s best suited to those who don’t mind a bit of clutter. Tie the room together with trinkets from your travels, an oriental rug and a beaded curtain.

Western Boho 

Weathered elements and vintage leather creates a space to soothe the cowboy or cowgirl at heart. Western boho takes elements from the Wild West—warm tones, reclaimed wood and cacti—and combines it with the casual elegance of bohemia. A blend of masculine and feminine characteristics, a Western boho bedroom may feature a canopy bed and tribal rug, as well as any other distressed furniture pieces. Modernise this style by swapping prints for textures, such as a jute rug.

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