What is deck lighting?

Deck lights are outdoor lights that go in your deck to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor entertaining and leisure space. They’re used to both illuminate your outdoor space and for safety.

Deck lights look similar to spotlights, but unlike spotlights, are generally safe to be walked on. They’re typically available in sets of five or individually, for more design flexibility.

How bright are deck lights?

Much like any other lights, deck lights can be purchased in a variety of lighting capacities. On the dimmer end of the spectrum, deck lights emit 250 lumens. Brighter deck lights may output 1,500 lumens.

Lumens are a way of measuring how much light a fixture is providing. Outdoor light fixtures typically require more lumens than what you may find appropriate indoors, so make sure you’re keeping that in mind when purchasing your deck lights.

Where should decking lights be placed?

As a general rule of thumb, deck lighting should be placed away from any heavy foot traffic and never directly under any outdoor furniture. Here are a few steps to placing your recessed deck lights in a good position:
1. Start by placing lights in each corner of your deck, slightly away from the edge.
2. Place other lights in a perimeter around your deck.
3. Make sure all of your lights are evenly spaced.
4. Assess the impact of your lights and install any other fixtures if necessary for safety.
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