10 great bedroom lighting ideas

10 great bedroom lighting ideas

After a long day’s work, there’s more relaxing than getting comfortable in your own private sanctuary — your bedroom. Given that most of us spend at least some time before bed unwinding, it’s important that our bedroom environments feel cozy. One of the key elements to creating a comfortable space is lighting. From statement pendant lights to sleek downlights and classic bedside lamps, there are options to suit any bedroom aesthetic. In this article, we’ll show you some great bedroom lighting ideas and delve into why having the right lighting is essential.

The importance of the right bedroom lighting

When it comes to creating a certain mood, lighting is a powerful tool — often just as important as the decor itself. The perfect bedroom lighting seeks to create a calm ambiance, where you can unwind before you take a rest. The right lighting will also complement your bedroom furnishings, providing balance to your room and accenting your other decor.

But more than just a way to create a relaxed atmosphere, the right bedroom lighting can have a desirable impact on your sleep. Dim lighting before bedtime can help with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, allowing you to achieve a more deep, restorative sleep.

10 bedroom lighting ideas for any room in the home

From your master suite to your little one’s room, lighting is something that needs careful consideration. Here are 10 great ideas for bedroom lighting to inspire you on your home decor journey.

1.- Table lamps

They’re a classic for good reason. Bedside table lamps are incredibly convenient, allowing you to control the light in your room without having to get out of bed. Given their proximity to your eyes, these lamps typically come with a decorative lampshade, allowing only enough light to seep through for sleep-conductive activities such as reading. 

Choose bedside table lamps that are either matching or complement each other in terms of size and style. They should be able to sit on your bedside tables while still allowing room for other decor and essential items.

2.- Floor lamps

While floor lamps are more conventionally seen in larger spaces, they also do an excellent job at providing good lighting for your bedroom. Coming in a wide range of styles, from tripod legs to two-light designs, there’s bound to be a floor lamp that’s fitting to your home decor.

Don’t disregard the importance of bedroom ambient lighting — select a floor lamp that faces down for versatile task lighting, or up for general illumination. 

3.- Sconces

They’re stylish, unique, and multipurpose — wall sconces are a chic alternative to bedside table lamps. These lights can be installed to face up to better light the room, or down for more direct task lighting. Mounted to the wall rather than on any surface, they’re also great for tight spaces.

When installing sconces, make sure you’re fixing them at a height that’s above your eye line when sitting up in bed, so they’re not too harsh on the eyes.

4.- Downlights

When looking at bedroom lighting ideas, ceiling lights shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly downlights. They’re modern and sleek and highly customizable, allowing you to concentrate light wherever it suits you.

Some downlights also come with a dimmer switch so you can change up the level of light in your bedroom at night. Downlights can also replace the need for alternative lighting for those looking to save space or keep their bedroom decor minimal.

5.- Reading lights or desk lamps

If you’re looking for warm and functional bedroom reading light ideas, look no further than desk lamps. For those that love to read, write, or even knit before bed, an adjustable light such as a clamp lamp or desk lamp could be a great way to go.

These lamps come with opaque shades and typically face downward, providing you with concentrated light when you need it, and diffused light when you don’t. With a wide range of muted and bright colours, you’re sure to find something that enhances your furnishings.

6.- LED lighting

Those looking to do their bit for the environment and keep power costs down may be drawn to LED bedroom light ideas. LED lights come in globe form, ideal for use in lamps, as well as strip lights or cabinet lights that can be applied in a variety of creative ways.

LED lighting can be incredibly customisable, from the brightness of the lights to, in some cases, the colour. They also work well as kids' bedroom lights as they don’t overheat and can be dimmable if your little one likes to sleep with a light on.

7.- Pendants

For a designer touch, pendants are an obvious lighting choice. Coming in an assortment of styles, from coastal to luxe, they’re a great way to add a bit of drama to your bedroom with minimal effort. 

Hang your pendant light directly above your bed or over another piece of furniture, such as an occasional chair, to create a focal point in your bedroom.

8.- Ceiling fan lights

In warm climates, having a fan in your bedroom isn’t so much of a luxury as it is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be both functional and stylish. Fan lights merge breeze with utility, replacing uninteresting ceiling lights with something more visually appealing and practical.

Modern ceiling fans with lights are available in a wide range of styles to suit anything from retro interiors to boho-style bedrooms.

9.- Bedside pendant lights

Nothing says cool sophistication quite like hanging pendants above each bedside table. This lighting option is certainly unique, with two mini pendants on each side of the bed to provide mood lighting.

Install the switches close to the bed to mimic the convenience of bedside tables, with the added bonus of allowing only one light to be on for when you’re staying up later than your partner.

10.- Chandeliers

While there is a whole suite of master bedroom lighting ideas, few match the luxury of a chandelier. This show-stopping light fixture adds interest and bling to even the most basic of bedrooms, with function still at the heart of the design.

Chandeliers come in a range of traditional and modern styles to complement any bedroom. The only rule to abide by is to keep your chandelier proportionate to your other bedroom furniture and decor.

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