Want to illuminate your world? LivingStyles has the solutions for all of your lighting needs. Our online lighting store has been designed to make your indoor and outdoor spaces shine. We pride ourselves on offering a huge range of options that comply with all manner of light fixtures. Whether you’re looking for wall lights, ceiling lights, outdoor lights, or lamps, you can shop our stylish, contemporary, traditional, and practical lighting all in one place. Define your space and create the perfect atmosphere tailored to your lifestyle.

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What lights should be used in a bedroom?

The perfect bedroom lighting is as much about personal taste as it is about creating a calming ambience conducive to rest and relaxation. The world of bedroom lighting is vast and full of options, so much so that we have written a whole blog full of tips on bedroom lighting ideas. We talk you through the benefits of LED lights (for energy efficiency), pendant lights (for style and flair), ceiling fans with lights (for two-in-one convenience), and more.

How many watts should my kitchen lights be?

When it comes to kitchen lighting, safety is paramount. You should keep your kitchen space well-lit even if the rest of your lighting is moodier – because working with knives and other sharp objects in a dimly-lit kitchen is a recipe for danger. As a general rule, in dark kitchens with more opaque fixtures, sticking to 100 watts is a rather safe bet. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, try using a slightly dimmer 80-watt bulb.

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