For all your Kitchen tool essentials you cannot go past our vast range of top quality, stylish and highly desired Kitchenware. We provide the absolute best Kitchenware on the market and are constantly adding to our current listing to keep up with cooking trends and kitchen must-haves.

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What are some must-have kitchenware items?

It seems like every other day, some new and magical contraption is being touted as the next big kitchen saviour. To separate the fads from the favourites, we’ve compiled a list of must-have kitchenware items that will make your life easier.

1. The right set of knives. If you splash out on one kitchen item, make it quality knives.

2. Two cutting boards – one for raw proteins, and one for cooked foods and fresh produce.

3. Solid, quality mixing bowls. Choose a nesting set of three for maximum storage space.

4. Measuring spoons and cups. You need to get those measurements right!

5. Cookware is crucial. Grab a selection that includes non-stick pots and pans in a couple of different sizes.

6. A decent variety of utensils is essential for the home cook – think a vegetable peeler, wooden spoons, a meat mallet, slotted spoon, tongs, a ladle, and non-stick spatulas.

7. Storage containers will save you so many headaches when it comes to leftovers and meal prep.

How do I store kitchen utensils?

Utensil storage can be quite the challenge – if you’ve ever tried to successfully close a drawer with a potato masher in it, you know what we mean. We’ve collated some simple, practical, and stylish storage solutions for your kitchen utensils:

1. Use hooks to hang your utensils from the side of your bench.

2. Lay mason jars down in your drawers, using them as tools to keep your utensils organised and separated.

3. Go diagonal! Maximise space and make room for those pesky long handles by purchasing dividers for your drawer that will work on a diagonal.

4. Invest in a magnetic knife strip for your metal utensils.

5. Pot racks aren’t just for pots – you can also hang your utensils from them.

6. Utensil crocks are your friend – the bigger, the better.

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