How to care for wood furniture

Wood looks great in the home, but it can be tricky to maintain. There are a range of furniture maintenance products available to help you keep your wooden tables, chairs and cabinets in good condition in the years to come. Here are some other wood care tips:

-Regularly clean and polish your furniture
-Use a coaster and placemat for food and drink items
-Use felt pads under heavy or decorative items
-Keep pets away from wood furniture
-Use a furniture pen for small scratches or dents

How to care for outdoor furniture

When exposed to the elements furniture naturally degrades, which is why outdoor furniture is made from durable materials to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. In order for your furniture to hold up long term, you’ll need to perform some maintenance duties, such as:
Clean furniture regularly and check for mold

-Keep outdoor cushions stored under cover when they’re not in use
-Consider a patio umbrella to avoid exposing your furniture to too much sunlight
-Invest in furniture covers for element protection

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