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Creating a warm and inviting home is all about the little touches, and there's no better way to add a personal touch than with our collection of photo frames. Whether you want to display cherished memories of family and friends, or showcase stunning pieces of art, our selection of frames is sure to complement any decor style.

At LivingStyles, we believe that every photo deserves a beautiful frame, which is why we've handpicked the finest range of picture frames for you to choose from. Our frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials to suit your unique style and personality. From classic wooden photo frames to elegant glass picture frames, and sleek metal photo frames, we have something for every taste.

Adding a photo frame to your home can instantly elevate any room's atmosphere and make it feel more personalised. You can place our frames in any corner of your home, from your bedside table to your office desk, or even on a glass display cabinet or chest of drawers. Our collection is versatile, making it easy to mix and match to create a truly unique and stylish display.

Our photo frames are more than just functional home decor items; they're conversation starters that can help you share memories and stories with your guests. Our frames also make thoughtful and sentimental gifts for your loved ones, so why not surprise them with a special photo in a beautiful frame?

At LivingStyles, our collection has everything you need to add a personal touch to your home. Don't wait any longer to add a touch of warmth to your interior; start shopping today and create the perfect frame for your cherished memories!

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What are standard frame sizes?

Picture frames are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and styles. The most common frame size is 4 x 6" (10cm x 15cm), to match a conventional photo print.

Here are some other standard frame sizes to suit anything from posters to artworks to photographs:

-6cm x 9cm / 2.5" x 3.5"
-12.5cm x 17.5cm / 5" x 7"
-15cm x 20cm / 6" x 8"
-20cm x 25cm / 8" x 10"
-20cm x 30cm / 8" x 12"
-28cm x 35.5cm / 11" x 14"

How do I choose the right size frame?

If you’re wondering how to choose a picture frame that complements your artwork or photograph, consider these three steps:

1. Measure your piece:

How big your piece is will dictate the frame size you’ll need, so start by measuring it out.

2. Decide on matting:

In framing, matting is used to create white space and better highlight an artwork. Decide on a colour and width you’d prefer.

3. Pick a frame:

Choose a frame in a size that complements your artwork size and matting requirements.

Should picture frames match in a room?

Weather or not picture frames match is completely up to you. Households which prefer uniformity in home decor may prefer to have picture frames that are all the same timber stain or colour, but it’s not completely necessary.

It’s more important that your frames suit your artworks, bringing them to life rather than diverting attention away. If you’d prefer some coordination, you could choose one common element for the frames, such as style, to bring everything together.

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