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Whatever your storage needs, we have something for everyone. Find our classic and versatile Bedroom & Storage Blanket Boxes from our collection below. Perfect for stashing your Cushions, Sheets, Pillows, Toys and Blankets when not in use. With designs of all shapes, sizes and finishes, you will be assured to find a perfect fit for what you require from our current range.

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What is a blanket box?

A blanket box is simply a way to store your blankets when they’re not in use. They’re great for keeping your living space and bedroom tidy, as they encourage blankets to be put away rather than draped over your furniture.

Most blanket boxes are made of timber, but you’ll also find them in rattan and fabrics such as leather. You’ll typically find blanket boxes at the end of a bed or beside a couch.

Why is it called an ottoman?

In some countries, such as the UK, a blanket box is also referred to as an ottoman. In Australia, an ottoman typically has a fabric cover, with or without storage, and a blanket box is made from timber.

Ottomans were imported around Europe from Turkey when it was part of the Ottoman Empire in the 1700s, hence its name. They were originally used in salons where seating and extra storage for fabrics was required.

What do you put in a blanket box?

To no one's surprise, blanket boxes are primarily used to hold blankets. But that’s not the only thing you can fit inside. Blanket boxes are a versatile storage tool, proving a level of depth and space that drawers and sideboards don’t.

For example, cushions can easily fit inside an ottoman, allowing you to have a few spare so you can change up your home decor when it pleases you. In a kids room, a blanket box can also be used as a toy storage box, as they’re low enough to the ground to allow children easy access to their toys.

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