Stemware and beer mugs, shot glasses and brandy balloons, goblets and tumblers - there are many glasses for different drinks and purposes. We have them covered in sizes, brands and styles to suit any family home or bar that are bound to sparkle under any lighting. Not everyone has the luxury of a fully-stocked bar at home so choosing the right assortment of glasses to suit your needs is important. Why not show them off in a nice glass display cabinet? From delicate cut crystal champagne flutes to the essential milk glass that takes a thrashing in the dishwasher, browse our great selections. Bottoms up on rock bottom prices for great glassware!

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What is glassware?

Glassware is understood as any drinking or drink serving vessel made from glass. From goblets to champagne flutes to glass mugs, there’s a wide world of glassware available for all of your drinking needs. In general, it can be broken down into four categories:
-Stemware: Wine glasses, champagne glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses etc.
-Tumblers: Everyday drinking cups, either tall or short.
-Decanters: Wine decanters and carafes.
-Beverage Dispensers: Punch, cocktail or mocktail drink dispensers with a spout.

How to clean glassware?

There’s nothing complicated about cleaning your everyday tumbler, but when it comes to crystal or delicate stemware, you’ll want to take extra care.

If there are a few glasses to clean, lay a towel in your sink and fill it with soapy water. This will sanitise your cups and provide them a cushioned surface to prevent chipping. After they’ve soaked in the water, wipe them off with a sponge, and then dry them with a cloth to remove any water spots and to polish them up.

Is glassware oven safe?

Not all glass is made even, and for the most part, glassware won’t be oven safe unless it’s made from tempered glass. For glass bakeware, look for an oven-safe symbol on the bottom of your dish to ensure it can withstand high temperatures.

When it comes to cups, unless it’s specifically marked as oven safe, it’s best to assume they’re not oven safe. If you’re looking to serve baked goods in a cup, prebake them in a silicone mould and then transfer them to the cup after they’ve cooled.

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