What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a freestanding shade structure for your garden. It has a roofed structure with open walls around the sides. Some gazebos are made from timber and sheet metal and other, portable gazebos, are made from fabric and metal poles.

Gazebos are designed to allow you to sit outside, with full view, while avoiding the harsh sun. Built gazebos sometimes come with fixed seating, but often you’ll have to provide your own outdoor furniture for comfort.

How to clean an outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas are exposed to the harsh elements and are bound to get dirty at some point. Here’s how to clean an outdoor umbrella in four steps:
1. Remove debris: Using a brush, remove any dirt or leaves from the structure.
2. Scrub with soap: Dilute laundry detergent in warm water and gently scrub the umbrella surfaces.
3. Let rest: Allow the detergent to penetrate for around 30 minutes.
4. Rinse: Using a hose or bucket, thoroughly rinse your umbrella of all soapy residue.

How to choose an outdoor umbrella

When picking out the perfect outdoor umbrella, you’ll need to consider three things:
-Application: Where and how will your umbrella be used? If it will be put above a dining table, choose an umbrella that’s at least a metre wider than the size of your table.
-Climate: Do you live in a windy area? Not all umbrellas are made even, and some are more structurally sound than others. Look for an indication on the label to find out what it can withstand.
-Style: How will it go with your outdoor decor? Outdoor umbrellas come in a range of styles and colours, so choose one that will compliment your outdoor furniture, cushions or table.

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