Kids bedroom ideas for the little ones

Kids bedroom ideas for the little ones

Kids are a source of endless joy and creativity, but their visions may be a little hard to make a reality when it comes to their bedrooms. And while you may not be able to recreate Elsa’s icy castle, there is indeed a sweet spot where a child’s imagination meets adult sensibilities. In this article, we’ve collected some kids bedroom decor ideas that we hope you and your little darlings will love.

What do kids need in their bedroom?

What your kids think they need and what they actually need are two different tales (with one being far more realistic than the other). When you strip it down, kids only really need a bed and some storage space. Whether it’s for doing homework or drawing fridge-worthy pictures, most kids will also benefit from some sort of table or desk in their room. 

All else varies depending on your personal circumstance. If you have a baby, a cot is essential, but if you have pre-adolescents, necessity may come in the form of a gaming chair. 

Whatever your predicament, we’ve got kids' bedroom storage ideas and decor inspiration for it all.

Kids bedroom ideas with bunk beds

To kids, a bunk bed isn’t merely a place to sleep – they’re monkey bars, a climbing wall, and even a trampoline. However, to adults, they’re the perfect solution to a bedroom that doesn’t magically grow with the family. Bunk beds are a great small kids' bedroom idea because they also allow room for what matters to children most: playtime. Here are a few ways in which you can brighten up your little ones’ room with bunk beds.

Use a neutral base

In this bedroom the neutral-coloured bunk beds allow the decor to take the spotlight. The white bunks provide free reign to personalise your girls’ or boys’ room as you wish. Here, colourful bed sheets, blue pillows and stools add some character to the room, but don’t forget that these can be swapped out for accessories in any colour scheme!

Consider storage

In a kids bedroom, you can never have too much storage. From sports equipment to school supplies, you’ll need all the shelving, drawers and baskets you can get to stop things from ending up on the floor. This bunk bed comes with built-in shelves and extra space underneath. It also comes with a backboard that can be flipped around to reveal a different colour, making it perfect for growing families.

8 more cool kids bedroom ideas 

Collaboration is key when it comes to designing your kids bedroom, and they’ll be much happier with a space they’ve contributed ideas to. Here are some more ways in which to convert your kids’ wildest decor dreams into practical, safe realities.

Space dreamer

There’s no doubt about it - kids love outer space. There’s something about the magic of the stars and galaxies that allows their imaginations to wonder. The blue walls of this bedroom are the backdrop for the star and moon-shaped wall decor elements. Complete this look with space-themed bedding for an added cosmic touch.

Desert living

It’s unique, it’s fresh and it’s girly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different themes, styles and colours in your child’s bedroom. The desert theme here is made alive by fake cacti, a canopy bed and pink tassels. The addition of a trundle bed will come in handy when your little one starts begging you to have sleepovers. 

Blanket forts

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s blanket forts. Set up a teepee and keep things comfortable with a printed rug, such as this stain-resistant sailing ship rug. Your little ones will love the option of privacy, especially if they’re sharing a room. This room keeps things consistent with animal plush toys and blue storage baskets to keep toys off the floor.

Magical kingdom

A dashing bedroom for your little prince or princess. This medieval-times bedroom will fulfil your kids’ fantasies of living in a world with magic and dragons. There’s ample room for sleeping, storage and play in this room, meeting functionality with frivolity. The green hilly walls tie this design together, giving it a whimsical flair.

Cool and compact

This captain bed has all of your kids' storage needs to be covered. Whether you’re hosting sleepovers every weekend or simply need extra space for various bits and bobs, this sleek bed does it all. Pushed up against a wall, this bed also allows room for your growing child’s hobbies.

Industrial chic

When your little guy grows out of his obsession with Ben 10, it may be time to change up his bedroom. This matching wooden and metal bedroom set provides all of your kids’ sleep, storage and study needs. Tie the room together with grey, black and red accents for a sophisticated touch. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few textile prints, like this noughts and crosses duvet cover, to keep things cheerful.

Graphic prints

Striking patterns, colourful prints and animals, what more could a kid want? Adding some bold textiles to your kids’ bedroom will both add a fun touch and make things cozier. This fox print rug serves as a statement piece, allowing for the rest of the room decor to be somewhat minimalistic.

Australian outback

Bring nature inside with this delightful camping-themed bedroom idea. Your little scouts will love the tent-shaped bed tree printed pillows, reminding them of the great outdoors. Soften the look with fabric home accessories such as storage baskets, carpets and bunting for a homely feel.

Letting kids be kids

Designing a bedroom that both you and your children will be happy with doesn’t have to be hard work. Take into consideration these design tips, but don’t forget to let your kids put their stamp on the space, even if it’s not what you had in mind originally.

Compromising and striking that balance between your guidance and their imagination will result in a creative space both you and your kids will be proud of. Preferably with everything neatly packed away at the end of the day.

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