15 Clever Hallway Décor Ideas

15 Clever Hallway Décor Ideas

The hallway is the entry into your home, so making the right impression and one that reflects your style is vital. The key to developing an impressive hallway is creating space and ensuring it's functional whilst also looking the part. Just because a hallway may be small doesn't mean it lacks the potential to be a standout feature in your home. If you're stuck for inspiration, these hallway ideas are bound to help you create the perfect portal to your precious home. 

1- Add a console

Perhaps the most long-standing hallway feature is the humble console. Adding a small or narrow console is a space-efficient storage solution and  design feature. For hallway table décor ideas, lean art or add lamps, plants, or ornaments. 

2- Pendant lighting

One easy and simple way to brighten up a hallway, literally, is with lighting. Adding a single statement pendant light in your hallway not only illuminates the space but can also provide that 'wow' factor as soon as you step into the home. 

3- Gallery wall

Looking for somewhere to hang your art? The hallway may be the answer! Not only a way to showcase your favourite pieces of art, creating a gallery wall in your hallway also adds just the right amount of excitement without overwhelming the space.

4- Floating shelves

Functional and aesthetically pleasing, floating shelves may be the hero your hallway needs. If you have a wider hallway and need somewhere to keep your stuff, adding floating shelves won't take up any floor space, will help keep things organised, and adds depth to the space. 

5- Accessories

Just because your hallway may be small doesn't mean you can't add accessories! Spruce up the space with baskets that double as storage, little knick knacks, or even a house plant. These small contributions will help bring that extra life hallways yearn for. 

6- Mirrors

The oldest trick on the book for creating space, mirrors are ideal for narrow hallways and also help keep things trendy. Add a hanging mirror or lean one against a console to create a sleek feel in your entryway. They are also great for checking yourself out as you walk out the door! 

7- Bench

A small, simple bench may be the answer to your storage solution dreams, adding a convenient place to put on your shoes or drop your bag without taking up too much space. Choosing a bench that complements your style will also immediately inject some personality into the hallway. 

8- Picture ledge

An ingenious combination of a gallery wall and floating shelves, a picture ledge means you can display your favourite photos and art, as well as all the other bits and bobs with nowhere else to go that still deserve to see the light of day. It also provides great options for storage.

9- Wallpaper

Bare walls are begging for wallpaper—a simple, easy way to zhuzh up a space. Use bold wallpaper with geometric, striped, or botanical patterns to immediately add life to the hallway, or just roll with whatever suits your personal taste. If your style leans towards something more subtle, we guarantee it will still add some much-needed spice to your hallway. 

10- Bookshelf nook

If you're lucky enough to be blessed with a hallway with nooks and crannies, transforming one of these into a bookshelf is a charming storage solution that effortlessly adds personality to the space. 

11- Hooks

Need somewhere to hang your bags, coats, and hats? Your hallway provides the perfect spot whilst also enabling you to create a trendy feature that complements your style. Using floating hooks or a hook rack is functional and will look great holding your cute straw hat and best-looking coat. 

12- Add colour

Never underestimate the power a pop of colour can bring to a space. The same goes for hallways—adding a feature, whether it be bold wall colour, ceiling colour, or painted door, will transform the space from ordinary to something memorable and exciting.

13- Rugs

The rug has remained one of the most ingenious and common décor entryway ideas for generations. Laying down a runner will define the hallway space while adding character and a touch of your style.

14- Tiles

Tiles are a safe and easy way to add personality and open up the space. Choose tiles that complement the rest of your home, and select bold patterns if you're looking to really liven up the traditional stale hallway stereotype. 

15- Make use of what's already there

Before you go on a hallway décor rampage, get creative with the features that you already have access to. Just like the bookcase nook, make use of any ledges, finishes, light fixtures, or wallpapers. Adding a few simple touches can easily inject your style and some extra pizazz.

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