Dreamy Coffee Table Décor Ideas For Every Type of Home

Dreamy Coffee Table Décor Ideas For Every Type of Home

Choosing coffee table décor can be an exciting but daunting task. There are so many things to consider, like how to work with the shape of your table, how much surface area you have to play with, your existing style choices — the list goes on! No matter what you’re working with, we’ve rounded up some coffee table décor ideas that marry aesthetics with functionality.

Wondering how to style a coffee table set-up worthy of a magazine photoshoot? Read on. 

Team to the theme

While styling your coffee table is a great opportunity to get creative, you shouldn’t totally abandon any existing themes you have going on in your living space. Take into account colour schemes and general vibes that you have already curated, then use these as inspiration to get started.  

The long and short of it

When collating your coffee table décor ideas, one key thing to consider is the visual journey that your objects will showcase. Playing with objects of different heights and textures can create a dynamic landscape without looking too busy.

Keep your centrepiece tall, then build around it with items like candles, chunky book stacks, and decent-sized trinkets. If you have smaller items you would like to showcase, opting for a tray to keep them neat and contained is a good option. 

Going green

To say indoor plants are having a moment would be doing them a disservice. Lush greenery truly never goes out of style, but there’s no denying that the pandemic has seen a surge in popularity for home horticulture. Opting for a living centrepiece can bring colour and life to your coffee table décor.

If you’re working with a smaller surface area, hardy plants like succulents and small cacti can be an eye-catching but low-maintenance option that won’t take up too much space. Got a bit of room to play with? Go for bigger (but still manageable) options like spider plants, pothos plants, or ZZ plants. 


Balance is important with all coffee table decorating ideas. A handy tip is to mentally section your surface so  you can compartmentalise your styling. Choose one central feature like a plant, stack of books, or sculpture to ground your display, then get to work on creating harmonious arrangements within your sections.

Your aim should be for each section to carry equal visual weight in terms of size and tone – from there, the choice of items is up to you! Think crystals, candles, vases, or smaller books and sculptures.

Packed with personality

As with all interior styling, what matters most is that you are happy with the outcome – which is why it is crucial to inject some of your own personality. Selecting sentimental pieces like souvenirs from a favourite holiday, big glossy books that highlight your interests, and treasured pieces from friends and family can help to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Just remember that you don’t have to make it a shrine to memories – clutter isn’t a good look, so swap out pieces seasonally to keep things fresh. 

Making shapes

The shape of your coffee table can affect your styling choices. While there are no hard and fast rules, we’ve assembled some quick tips to keep in mind for both curved and angular surfaces

How to style a round coffee table

  • . Go for the rule of three – three large objects of differing heights is a simple and dynamic look.
  • . Trays can look awkward on round coffee tables. If you do go down that road, make sure you opt for a round tray.
  • . Balance is key – keep your objects clustered in the centre of the table.

How to style a rectangular coffee table 

  • . The rule of three can work for rectangular tables, too – section your space lengthways but don’t feel like the compartments must be equal.
  • . Keep your feature piece to the middle section.
  • . Factor in depth of field – have some objects closer to the front of the table and others further back.

How to style a square coffee table

  • . There are a couple of sectioning options for square tables – go for quadrants or a rough triangle shape.
  • . Using a rectangular tray in one of your sections keeps with the angular theme.
  • . Prefer a bit more contrast? Pop a decorative round bowl in one of your sections.

How to style an oval coffee table 

  • . For an oval table, you can opt for roughly the same styling principles as a circular table or venture into more formal territory.
  • . Not feeling the rule of three? Pick a major moment as your centrepiece, then craft two smaller scenes of a similar height on either side.

You do you

At the end of the day, your coffee table décor should be a reflection of you and your space. If you have a coffee table that you love and a sense of personal taste, you can’t go wrong. Play around with different arrangements and concepts – you have the freedom to change and tinker as often as you want. Happy decorating!

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