Great ideas for loft bedroom inspiration

Great ideas for loft bedroom inspiration

Design is tricky enough—but what if you’ve got a space that’s a little unusual? Loft bedrooms are the cool kids of the bedroom world, but decorating them isn’t always a piece of cake. With low hanging or sloped ceilings and unconventional windows, traditional bedroom design ideas may not cut it. To make things a little easier, we’ve got 15 loft bedroom ideas to inspire you on your decorating journey.

What is a loft bedroom?

In the world of interior design, the word loft is used to describe things that are elevated. A loft apartment has high ceilings, a loft bed is designed to raise you off the ground, and finally, a loft bedroom is a sleeping area that’s off the ground floor.

A loft bedroom most often refers to a raised platform in a home, where stairs or a ladder are used to access the sleeping space. Loft bedrooms are often separated by the rest of the space simply by elevation, but they may also have a door, railing or wall. An attic space could be considered a loft bedroom, as well as a bedroom that’s positioned on the top floor of a home.

15 trendy loft bedroom ideas

With so many variations of this unique bedroom style, it can be challenging to decorate loft bedrooms stylishly. Here are 15 loft bedroom ideas to get you inspired.

Modern loft bedroom design ideas

1. Place focus on the floor

Where there may not be abundant wall space for decoration, look to the floor. Modern bedroom design emphasises simplicity, but don’t be afraid to choose a few signature art pieces or even a statement rug to spruce up the space.  

2. Brighten up the space with mirrors

It’s a trick that interior designers love—mirrors are a great way to introduce natural light to a dark space. A floor mirror will not only reflect natural light into your loft bedroom space but also make it seem larger.

3. Choose a low profile bed frame

They’re cool, they’re contemporary and they’re incredibly practical—which is why they’re so popular in loft bedrooms. Low ceilings love low profile bed frames are a match made in heaven. There’s no need to ditch the bed frame in a tight space while platform beds exist.

4. Embrace every nook and cranny

Whether it’s an attic or simply a platform in a studio apartment, there’s bound to be some architectural quirks in your loft bedroom. Don’t dismiss these spaces as useless, but instead, use your imagination to transform them into functional spaces. An accent chair can turn a nook into a reading space, while a desk can convert it into a home office. 

5. Plan out your lighting

Bedroom lighting plays a crucial role in how a room feels and how it functions. In a small space, having multiple light sources can make a loft bedroom feel bigger. In addition to the bedside table lamps or wall sconces to help you read in bed, a table lamp or floor lamp on the other side of the room will create the illusion of more space. 

6. Create a cool guest bedroom

Every good host knows that the secret to a happy guest is privacy—especially for extended stays. A loft bedroom conversion is a great way to keep both you and your guests happy with little effort. Most guest bedrooms won’t require large wardrobes or drawers, so common loft bedroom storage challenges become irrelevant.

7. Go bold with a glam makeover

If rustic isn’t your style, that’s perfectly fine! There are no rules dictating that loft bedrooms need to be either minimalistic or modest. Add just the right amount of luxe to your loft space with gold accents, velvet textures or a jewel-toned feature wall. 

8. Have fun with colour

From bedroom textiles to the wall shade, a little colour goes a long way. Bring life to an otherwise plain space with pops of colour in the form of decorative cushions or a playful throw blanket.

A-frame loft bedroom ideas

9. Let natural light guide you

When it comes to bedroom feng shui, windows are something that should never be overlooked. Good feng shui suggests that beds should never be placed directly under a window, and loft bedrooms are no exception. Utilise natural light best by placing a desk, plants or statement artwork near it to draw attention.

10. Carefully consider safety

Whether it’s a low ceiling or A-frame space, you’ll need to consider safety as part of your loft bedroom design. If your bed is high up and therefore close to the ceiling, try to allow at least sitting room to avoid any late-night head bumps. Where possible, position storage under short ceiling areas rather than beds.

11. Convert it into a kids space

With their adventurous spirits, the little one’s will no doubt love nesting up in the attic. For an A-frame loft space, place two single beds on either side of the walls to allow the room’s centre to function as a play area. See more kids bedroom ideas.

Loft bedroom storage ideas

12. Go short on storage

While tallboys and wardrobes are certainly functional bedroom pieces, it’s better to consider scale where ceilings are low hanging. A low chest of drawers or even a sideboard can be used for storage in tight spaces. By keeping furniture pieces low profile, you’ll create the illusion of more ceiling space.

13. Lean into minimalism

The good news is that minimalism is almost always in style. The main principle of minimalism is functionality. Choosing furniture and décor pieces for their practicality will help keep the small space from seeming even smaller in a tight, lofted space.   

14. Consider under bed storage

While some loft bedrooms won’t allow it, if you’ve got the ceiling space, under bed storage is a smart way to store your belongings without overcrowding your area. Whether it’s a trundle bed or a frame that comes with side/end drawers, you’ll be happy those extra pillows and blankets have a home that’s not the floor.

15. Go with the flow

Let the pre-existing elements in your loft bedroom influence your furniture and décor choices. If you’ve got exposed beams in your attic, tie your room together with a timber bed frame or chest of drawers.    

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