Corner TV Units

Corner TV Units

Why not make every inch count of what space you have in your living room with one of our high quality, lustrous designed and sort after Corner TV Units. With an extensive collection of units in a variety of colours, sizes and materials, you are sure to find a design to suit and fit your space. The best part is that we have maximised on built in storage solutions within the unit without compromising on space.

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What can you do with a corner TV unit?

Corner TV units are designed to allow you to position your TV in the corner rather than against a flat wall. They are particularly useful in small spaces where there’s limited room for a large TV unit, such as a bedroom, rec room or small living room.

If they are going in the living room, they’re best used along with a modular or L-shaped couch. And given the limited surface space on top of the unit, decor elements should be kept to a minimum to as to not impede the view of the TV.

Should I put my TV in the corner?

Here’s when and why you should consider putting your TV in the corner:
- When there’s limited space: Sometimes, due to the design of your home or placement of essential furniture, there just won’t be room for a TV against the wall. Opt for a corner unit as a space-saving alternative.
- To break up an open-plan space: Open-plan homes can be challenging to decorate, and a corner TV unit and sectional couch is a great solution for breaking up the space.

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