Spectacular Sideboard and Buffet Decor Ideas

Spectacular Sideboard and Buffet Decor Ideas

Sideboards and buffets are the unsung heroes of the furniture world. Endlessly practical, these useful storage units also double as an opportunity to really showcase the personality of a space. The surface of your buffet or sideboard is a perfect place to get creative, as the right styling can really elevate your dining, living or entertaining space. Whether your dining room buffet needs some sprucing up or you have a sideboard that needs some love, we’ve assembled some chic decor ideas that are bound to suit your taste. 

Everything is illuminated

When it comes to creating enviable ambience in a dining room, lighting is absolutely everything. Using your buffet as an opportunity to showcase a lamp works well for two different reasons – the lamp creates visual interest as a piece of decor, but it also provides a softer pool of low light ideal for entertaining. With so many different types of lamps available, you can afford to get creative and you won’t have trouble finding something that complements your existing decor.  

rattan sideboard with lamp and dried flowers

Pretty and practical

Who says you have to sacrifice style for something to be useful? Get your buffet doing double duty! A glass buffet will act as a storage saviour whilst also showing off your best dining ware, not to mention the clear panels help to open up smaller spaces. If you don’t have cookery and crockery that you’re keen to showcase, a clear-panelled sideboard can also be a great option for displaying any trinkets or curios that you love but don’t have counter space for.

Mirror, mirror

One of the oldest tricks in the decorating book is using mirrors to open up a room. If you’re short on space, hanging a gorgeous mirror behind your buffet will make your dining or living room feel like it goes on for miles. Mirrors also have the advantage of brightening, so they are an excellent decorative choice for sideboards in darker rooms. 

sideboard decor

Art attack

Looking to make a statement, add a bit of drama or create a fierce focal point for your dining space? Hanging art directly above your buffet in the centre position and following it up with your dining table placed centrally in front makes for a truly dynamic look. You can keep it contrasting with a large piece of abstract art or opt for something in the same colour palette as your existing decorating scheme. As a general rule, it’s wise to opt for a piece that is about two-thirds the width of your buffet – those are some visually appealing proportions! 

Try it tiered

One of the best tricks for styling sideboard decor is to use items of varying heights to add some visual interest to your look. It’s not always about placing the largest item in the centre, either – playing with asymmetrical arrangements allows you to build height and a focal point wherever you choose. Take smaller items and weave them between taller or oversized statement pieces, like a pile of beautiful books or a unique sculpture

Layer upon layer

Want your buffet decor to look immaculately curated like something out of a lifestyle magazine? Don’t be afraid to let your layers overlap a little. Use larger anchor pieces like a vase or lamp, then select some foliage or twigs that can spread across your central focal point. This creates a cohesive and interactive look as opposed to something more stilted and flat. 

wooden sideboard decor

The rule of three

This tried-and-true decor technique is a classic for a reason. Dividing your buffet into three equal sections and treating them as separate focal points is a fantastic way to create a balanced yet aesthetically pleasing display. The rule of three keeps things from looking cluttered, leaving you with a curated effect that looks effortless. 

Glass is class

If you want your buffet to do double duty, use it to display your glassware. Treating your buffet or sideboard like a mini cocktail bar means that your best pieces are easily accessible for after-dinner drinks, while acting as a decorative piece when not in use. Pick up a couple of bottles of your favourite tipples and intersperse with your prettiest pieces of glassware, then finish with other attractive accoutrements

Feature presentation

To turn your buffet decor into a sophisticated showcase that blends form and function, select a sculptural piece to anchor your display. Things like oversized vases, lamps and, yes, sculptures are an ideal way to make a statement and create a unifying focal point. Build your buffet display around your feature piece and you can’t go wrong – look for items with similar tonal vibes or textures to really tie it all together.

Made for each other

Feeling a bit lost at the prospect of styling your buffet decor ideas? Create a tableau – put simply, it’s a group of objects that look like they belong together. A cluster of candles, a stack of your favourite oversized books, or a selection of beautiful greenery – you don’t have to fill the whole surface, just keep it simple and fresh.

sideboard decor ideas
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