Dining Table Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Dining Table Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

There is nothing quite like a good meal to unify people – so it makes sense that your dining table should act as a hub of happiness within your home. It’s the place where you gather to share meals, celebrate over a feast, sit down to a quiet Sunday breakfast … the list goes on! Whether your dining table is perpetually in use or more of an ornamental outfit, making sure it reflects your personality is crucial. We’ve assembled some creative styling tips to up your dining table decor game – so every day will feel like an event.

dining table decor ideas

Going green

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add life to your dining table is with plants. While fresh flowers are gorgeous, not all of us have the budget to splash out on a new bouquet every other day. Opting for a lush, compact plant or even a self-foraged bunch of native greenery arranged in the middle of your table can bring colour and style in a classic way without being too bold. Not into the idea of maintenance? There are some very realistic-looking artificial plants and flowers available these days, so shake off the stigma and embrace the illusion.

Everything is illuminated

When it comes to lighting a room, you really can’t beat the ambiance of candles – and it turns out that they make quite good dining table decor! There are so many different options for candelabras and candle holders that you are bound to find a configuration that works for your specific space. Whether you want to use a set of mismatched candle holders to create a bohemian feel or go all-out with a luxurious candelabra that accommodates multiple flames, there are plenty of styling options to choose from. Plus. it gives you the excuse to dine by candlelight when the mood strikes – how romantic!

Down to earth

If you’re the sort of person who wants a dining table centrepiece that whispers rather than screams, it’s best to keep things earthy. Who says minimalists can’t enjoy dining table decor? Keep it simple with rustic textures, items with raw timber finishes, and oversized vibes to draw more attention to your pared-back space. Not into naturals? Opting for a monochromatic look is also in keeping with understated (but still very chic) aesthetics – something like a trio of ceramic vessels or vases in a shade that complements or matches your existing colour scheme. 

Serve it up

Are your kitchen cupboards stocked with stunning serving ware that only comes out when you’re entertaining? Make the most of what you already have by incorporating some of these pieces into your dining table decor. These pieces can stand alone as a visual point of difference, creating a mini sculpture-scape in the middle of your dining table. They are also thematically on point, as they play a key role in dining and entertaining. 

Mix and match it

Much like the art of decorating a coffee table, creating vignettes on your dining table can completely transform the look and feel of your space. Clustering your favourite pieces together to create a centrepiece is just as effective on a larger surface – think books, candlesticks, vases, and smaller plants like succulents. This also gives you the opportunity to play with colour, texture, and height – you can select items with matching tones or blend into hue of your table, or make a statement with some contrasting elements. Generally speaking, if you keep your items in a tight formation, they will look related and like they belong together.

The case for a vase

Vases are one of the most striking items you can use as dining table decor, with endless options to create the perfect centrepiece that suits your style – and who says you have to stop at just one? Select a handful of vases within the same tonal family that complements your existing dining room palette, but feel free to go rogue with sizes and shapes. If you go for a multiple-vase centrepiece, remember that yo don’t necessarily have to fill them all – plus, dried arrangements in neutral brown tones are a classic option that you can set and forget.

Feelin’ fruity

Fruit is one of nature’s most beautiful ornaments, so why not use it to decorate your dining table? If your household members are big consumers of fruit, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating tasteful displays in a fruit bowl on the dining room table. Citruses like orange and lemon provide a zesty pop, while bananas give off a glorious tropical vibe. You don’t necessarily have to heavily curate your fruit bowl either – just go with what’s in season and have fun with it. 

You do you

At the end of the day, these styling and decor tips are just suggestions to get you inspired. If none of these ideas speak to you, why not mix it up? Combine some of these elements together or leave your table totally bare – you will know best what works with your existing space and style. 

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