8 Creative Side Table Décor Ideas

8 Creative Side Table Décor Ideas

Side tables are not to be underestimated, for they have plenty of potential to add personality and style to your home. Gone are the days of simple side tables that are just a place to put all that random stuff — say hello to the side table as a design feature in itself that deserves to be celebrated! With so much time spent going unnoticed, it’s no surprise that many of us don't know where to start when it comes to side table décor. Luckily, we’re here to provide some much-needed inspiration on how to spice up your side table with these 8 side table décor ideas.

side table decor ideas

1. Think about colour

Side table décor can help create cohesion in any room through the choice of colour. Choose a side table that’s tones and texture complement the room, and decorate it with items that match the rest of your home's colour scheme. Whilst a continuous tonal palette is key for a cohesive home, remember — don’t be afraid to add a pop of accent colour here and there.

2. Pick a theme

Whether it be luxe, rustic, romantic or boho, picking a theme when decorating a side table is essential for keeping cohesion in your home. Choose décor that reflects the overall vibe and stylistic choices you have going on throughout the rest of your home — side tables have the potential to help accentuate and complement other, bolder design choices.

3. Add a touch of greenery

Side tables are the perfect spot for your plants and flowers. A bit of greenery throughout the home goes a long way in adding a nice organic touch and a fresh feel. We recommend an easy-to-maintain plant such as a hardy sculptural succulent like a string of pearls. Flowers also look perfect on a side table and help inject that extra warm, homey feeling. Just make sure it's one or the other — flowers and a plant on one side table is definitely a bit over the top!

side table decor

4. Space for scents

Do you have an endless collection of candles and nowhere to put them? Well, candles are what side tables were born for! Place a candle on a side table to add a luxurious feel to your home, as well as a delicious scent that suits the mood of your space. 

5. Light it up

Not only extremely functional but also a beautiful design feature, adding a lamp to a side table is a match made in heaven! Add a light that corresponds with the design of the space and use it as an anchor point for the rest of the side table décor. If you choose a fairly big lamp, you won’t need much else, if anything. This makes adding a lamp a go-to, simple side table décor idea.

6. Make use of all those accessories

Little bits and bobs we love seem to accumulate over the years, and it is often hard to find somewhere to put them. Whether it’s that vase you collected on your travels or a handmade ceramic ornament, they deserve to see the light! Adding these sentimental pieces to your side table is the ideal way to show them off while injecting some personality into your home. 

side table decor

7. Get arty

Gone are the days of art only hanging on the walls — leaning your art against walls or upon side tables is now a huge design trend. Showcase your favourite art and jazz up a side table simultaneously! Small pieces work best, but larger ones can also work as a stand-alone feature on a bigger-sized side table. 

8. Stack some books

Books are another one of those things we seem to have an endless supply of with nowhere to put them! Rather than overflowing the bookshelf, pile a few of your prettier books on a side table and make them a design feature. Stacked books are also great for layering with other décor items.

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your side tables. Always remember that less is more, and side tables can easily spice up any place, so it’s time to give them the attention they deserve! 

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