30 Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas

30 Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Never underestimate the power of outdoor lighting to illuminate and transform a space. Besides serving a practical function, outdoor lighting can double your kerb appeal and turn your backyard party into an ambient, memorable experience. From outdoor patio lighting ideas to outdoor wall lighting ideas and everything in between, here are our top 30 outdoor lighting ideas for you.

1- Candles

Drawing inspiration from the very beginnings of outdoor lighting, candles are traditional, accessible, and trustworthy when it comes to lighting your outdoor space. Perfect for creating that hygge feeling, just make sure the flames are away from any foliage!  

2- Pathway lights

There’s nothing worse than stumbling on your way in and out of a home. Help guide the way with pathway lights that will illuminate the space and look good. You can choose from various fittings and designs to find the perfect pathway lighting that suits you. 

3- Colourful lighting

Colourful lighting is fun, versatile lighting for any outdoor space. Colourful lighting usually comes with an adjustable setting, so you can change your lighting to suit the mood. 

4- Ornamental lighting

One of the newer trends in outdoor lighting is incorporating an ornamental feature or novelty lamp. Doubling as an ornament for your garden and a lighting solution, it’s a perfect idea if you love all things kitsch. 

5- Bollard lights

The ideal outdoor lighting solution, no matter the style or size of a space, bollard lights are easy to install and can be placed along paths or anywhere in the garden to illuminate your favourite plants and flowers. 

6- Lanterns

The original outdoor lighting solution, lanterns create the perfect soft glow for that outdoor ambience. Their traditional appeal also makes them timeless and suitable for all types of outdoor spaces. 

7- Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting has always been a popular choice for gardens. Easy to hang wherever you please, whether over fences or amongst trees, festoon lights are subtle and trendy, effortlessly adding ambience to your garden. 

8- Bulbs

Get creative with your outdoor lighting by using light bulbs. Gather large bulbs, vintage bulbs, or even mix-matched bulbs and decorate your garden with them. The finished look will be fun and quirky. 

9- Light-up plant pots

Get your hands on planters with built-in LED lighting. Not only do they light up the surrounding area, but they also illuminate and draw attention to your plants, combining feature lighting with practical solutions. 

10- Fairy lights

Fairy lights are not only reserved for Christmas time but are one of the easiest ways to add light and ambience to your outdoor space. Easy to find in most stores, you can drape or weave fairy lights in trees, along walls, or around a pergola—the options are endless! 

outdoor lighting

11- Light-up sculptures

Like light-up plant pots, this lighting solution is another practical option that doubles as an artistic statement piece or feature. 

12- Layering

The best thing about an outdoor area is the larger sense of space available for you to get creative. That is why layering works so well. By using an assortment of lights at different places in your garden, you can add texture and excitement without appearing overbearing.

13- Tea lights

Another classic way to light up an outdoor living space and add ambience is with tea lights. Place them on surfaces or pop them in jars and hang them from trees for a soft, romantic touch. 

14- Front door pendants

First impressions count, so adding some pendant lighting to your front door is a beautiful, stylish way to illuminate your main entryway and welcome guests. 

15- Uplights

For a more subtle outdoor lighting solution, uplights are understated and provide a soft glow effect. Uplights are perfect for highlighting your flowerbed, placing beneath potted trees, or for built-in benches.

16- Beam lighting

For something a bit more permanent, beam lighting is a smart way to light an outdoor area or table with a chic, industrial edge. 

 17- Hanging lights

If you have a pergola or a covered outdoor area, hanging lights from the roof is a trendy, easy way to light the space. You can hang lights at different heights for an edgy look.

18- Overhead deck lights

Installing overhead deck lights is another way to light up an outdoor space if you’re not a fan of hanging lights. They are so subtle you won’t notice them during the day but provide just the right amount of light during the night. 

19- Tree lighting

Trees should be celebrated for being perhaps one of the best accessories for outdoor lighting! Use trees to light your outdoor area by hanging fairy lights, lanterns, or whatever light takes your fancy amongst its branches. Use solar power lights for minimal effort and the perfect soft glow. 

20- Wall lights

Adding wall lights to the outdoor walls of your home is a practical lighting solution. Take advantage of a range of different methods and designs to match your style and elevate your space.

21- Fitted downlighting

Fitted downlighting on outdoor ceilings is a great solution for providing soft lighting and enhancing the exterior design aesthetic of a home by illuminating textural qualities such as brick detailing.

22- Floor lamps

Traditionally reserved for the indoors, bringing indoor floor lamps outside will add extra lighting to your outdoor space. Just ensure the lamp is in a covered area!

23- Rope lights

Rope lights come in all colours and are another easy way to add light to your outdoor area. You can add rope lights to fences, trees, or porches, and use them along landscape edging.  

24- Integrated lighting

Integrate lighting into furniture that is already there for a practical outdoor lighting solution. Use small LED lights to wrap around permanent fixtures like outdoor couches and benches. 

25- Landscape spotlights

If you love your garden and want to show it off, garden spotlights are an effective way to highlight the very best your green space has to offer. 

26- Table lamps

Easily add light to your outdoor table setting by placing a lamp or two on the table. Great outdoor lamps include small glass lamps such as mosaic glass lamps. 

27- Floodlights

When you need outdoor lighting to illuminate a big space, floodlights are the perfect option. They are extremely efficient and look great! 

28 Pendant clusters

Mix things up and install a pendant cluster in your outdoor space. They can be fitted on roofing and will effortlessly elevate your decor. 

29- Dome lights

There are plenty of dome lights being sold in stores that perfectly complement any outdoor space. Reminiscent of a moon, they create a mystical, zen-like atmosphere

30- Sensor lighting

Essential for navigating the outdoors once the sun goes down, sensor lighting is a practical and energy-saving way to light pathways, front entrances, and backyards.  

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