Advantages Of A Wool Rug

Advantages Of A Wool Rug

Wool, a material that is still a favorite till this day.  This diverse material is great in rugs for its durability, being environmentally friendly and very resilient.

When making a purchase it is important to stop and think for a moment about what you may need from your rug in regards to functionality. Will your rug be placed in a high traffic area? Is it intended to sit under where you eat the majority of your meals, hence spillage? Will you require your rug to have longevity? Sure, we need our rugs to look fabulous, but we also need to make sure the material meets the requirements.

Let's dive into why wool is a beneficial material choice for a rug.

Due to wool’s built in natural capabilities, it can last for many years looking fresh with little wear and tear if looked after correctly. Perfect for the more popular rooms in your home. Hand knotted wool rugs wear particularly well.

Wool rugs traditionally have even been handed down as heirlooms, that's the kind of longevity we are talking about. There is a coating of lanolin in wool that aids in resisting dirt and light stains so this takes the pressure off hard cleaning. Most of the time a regular vacuum will do the trick when maintaining the cleanliness of your woolen rug. It is important though to avoid wine spillage as wool will soak heavier liquids right up.

wool fibre structural advantages

Colour longevity is one of wool's hallmarks. If your woolen rug is dyed, the colouring is likely to last, due to the dye process. As a result of this, retailers will often have an extensive range of colours and patterns on offer, so you're sure to find something to suit your interior style. Keeping your woolen rug out of direct sunlight is also just as important to note as the colouring can fade.

Wool is a wonderful insulator. Woolen rugs are a terrific addition when it comes to winter as they prevent heat loss. They are also gorgeous underfoot, the wool fibers offer comfort and are soft.

Now a wool rug can be pricey, especially compared to the more synthetic options available but after reviewing the above benefits, this clearly outlines that a wool rug will be a smart investment. This cost effective choice will bring your home style, comfort, resilience and has health and environment interests. Woolen rugs have been around for the time they have as they do offer many rewards. We hope that this guide will aid in ensuring that a wool rug is the perfect match for your home.

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