Décor Accents

Decor accents are the perfect way to infuse personality and charm into any room in your home.

At LivingStyles, we offer a wide selection of decorative accents that will let you present your home at its best. From vases and sculptures to wall art and candles, we have decor accents to suit any style. Our sought-after collection includes both traditional and modern decorative accents that will add a touch of elegance or flair to any space. Add a decor accent to your living room, bedroom, or office and let your personality and taste shine.

Browse our collection of home decor accents today to find the perfect piece for your place.

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What are decorative accents?

Decorative accents can make a home feel like a home. They allow you to add personality and colour to your space, and don’t necessarily have to serve a function outside of being visually appealing. Here are some common decor pieces you’ll find in homes:
-Sculptures and figurines
-Flowers and greenery
-Vases and vessels
-Scale model
-Pots and planters
-Decoration pieces
-Picture frames
-Water features
-Door stoppers
-Chimes and bells
-Decor plates and bowls

What are accents in interior design?

It’s all in the name - the word accent means to place emphasis on something. In interior design, accents can be anything from an interesting chair or rug to decorative pillows on a couch. They bring life to a room by standing out against neutral-coloured walls and simple furniture.

When designing your space, work from big to small. Place rugs, couches, beds, dressers and TV stands in their desired position first as a jumping off point. Then, consider adding accent furniture, decorations, pillows, plants and art to dress up the room. Décor accents make great additions to the home, for more ideas check out our post on 20 Ideas to Decorate Your Home.

What is an accent table?

Accent tables are designed to both serve a practical function, and act as a surface in which to place lamps and other decorative pieces on. Here are three types of accent tables:
Console tables: These tables are typically narrow in order to fit in a hallway. Oftentimes, console tables are placed below mirrors.
Coffee tables: Coffee tables serve a variety of purposes, but are most often used to serve snack food and drink in the living room.
Side tables: Most often found next to a couch or lounge chair, side tables are handy for placing small objects on while you rest.

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