26 Brilliant Kitchen Décor Ideas

26 Brilliant Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchens are the heart of a home, and depending on the household, they can either be a source of inspiration or a place for routine. Keeping a clean, inviting kitchen can make a home feel whole, so it can be rewarding to dedicate time out of our busy lives to improving the space—and that doesn’t have to mean renovations. Use these styling tips and ideas to invigorate your kitchen and allow this space to flow with the décor throughout your house.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen

Kitchens are particularly challenging to decorate as you tread a fine line between form and function. Countertops, for example, can be tricky to decorate as you want to ensure décor items and accessories don’t get in the way of food preparation. The key to decorating your kitchen is finding a balance between what looks good and what works well, even when that’s easier said than done. We’ve compiled a list of stylish ways to garnish your kitchen walls, benchtops and even floors to inspire you on your decorating journey.

Kitchen Wall Decor 

1. Open Shelves

There’s something charming about open shelving—but make sure you’re being selective when it comes to what’s on exhibit. Pantry items should be concealed, whereas quality kitchenware should be displayed.

2. Pot Displays

Not only are pot displays incredibly space-saving, but they also elevate the kitchen aesthetic by introducing an industrial feel. Turn your kitchen tools into kitchen décor by displaying your best copper and stainless steel pieces.

3. Hanging Plants

Plants bring a lively, happy feeling to any room, so try hanging one from a curtain rail or pot rack. Not enough light in your kitchen? Opt for a realistic-looking artificial plant instead.

4. Pegboards

Pegboards aren’t just for the garage; they also come in handy in the kitchen! Vertical storage helps keep cabinets and drawers uncluttered and tools at the ready.

5. Vintage Wall Art

If you’re in a love affair with all things retro, add some character to your kitchen walls with some vintage signage or framed posters.

6. Rustic Shelving

If you’ve got wall space, experiment with timber shelving to bring warmth into your kitchen. You’ll have extra storage space to display essential (or non-essential) items as an added bonus.

7. Printed Wallpaper

Wallpaper can bring any room to life—and your kitchen is no exception. Make a statement with patterned, floral wallpaper or pick something more subtle to create a sense of ease.

8. Eye-catching Backsplash

While tile is the obvious choice for a kitchen backsplash, it doesn’t have to be boring. Allow yourself to explore a range of colours, designs and even textures to find something special to make a statement in your kitchen.

9. Faux Window

Struggling to get light into your kitchen? It may be unconventional, but a wall mirror may help to bring light into the space through reflection. Opt for a frame that complements your kitchen colour and décor schemes.

Kitchen Bench Decor 

10. Prioritise Essentials

Avoid over-cluttering your kitchen. Use what you already own as decor before filling in the gaps with newly purchased pieces.

11. Produce Baskets

Keep your fruit and veg organised with attractive produce baskets that can stack for additional counter space. 

12. Retro Appliances

Vintage lovers rejoice—the kitchen bench is the perfect place to unleash your retro affinity. From kitchen timers and scales to fridges and stovetops, the sky’s your limit.

13. Kitchen Lamp

It may be unconventional, but a table lamp on the kitchen counter can bring warmth and style to the space. It’s practical and great for task lighting, yet unexpected.

14. Layered Boards

Provide contrast against your backsplash by inviting the homeliness of timber serving or cutting boards into your styling. Lean your boards in a stack against your backsplash to bring in some much-needed warmth.

15. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is modern, sleek and stain-resistant—perfect for messy kitchens! Stainless steel appliances and kitchen cookware are the common choice and pair well with almost any other material.

16. Upcycle Objects

Many household objects could come in handy in the kitchen. Rather than throwing away an old vase, repurpose it as a unique utensil holder. 

17. Mix Textures

You’ve heard of colour schemes, but what about texture? Choose two complementary textures, such as copper and timber or bamboo and glass, and stay consistent when decorating your kitchen.

18. Storage Canisters

Sleek, clean storage gives your kitchen a sense of freshness. Stay organised with matching food storage canisters that can be easily tucked away or displayed on the countertop.

19. Herb Garden

Consider a small herb planter to add some greenery to your styling if your kitchen is flooded with light. It will look good and come in handy when cooking.

20. Bigger Picture

Take a step back at your countertop and look at the bigger picture. Create interest by layering items of different heights, colours and textures such as salt and pepper shakers, serving boards and utensils. 

6 More Stylish Kitchen Décor Ideas

21. Breakfast Nook

Turn a corner of your kitchen into an inviting breakfast nook. Keep things minimal—a small counter table and pair of chairs should do. Decorate with a fruit basket or pillar candles.

22. Runner Rug

If you’ve got a narrow or long kitchen, consider a runner rug to help add character and colour to your space. It may add some much-needed contrast to a neutral kitchen, making the space feel personalised.

23. Statement Lighting

Centre an eye-catching pendant light above your kitchen counter or breakfast table to centre the attention of the room away from the dishes piling up in the sink. 

24. Sink Skirts

They may have sprung into popularity in the 50s, but sink skirts are still as chic as ever. They’re a sweet way to conceal cleaning items and under-sink hardware.

25. Bar Stools

Invest in stylish and quality bar stools that are stain-resistant for regular kitchen use. Whether they’re upholstered or solid timber, backless or with armrests, a well-designed stool strikes the perfect balance between handy and chic.

26. Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are great for a multitude of practical reasons, but they also happen to look fantastic. They also double as the perfect surface for fresh flowers or decorative bowls.

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