12 Bedside Table And Nightstand Designs

12 Bedside Table And Nightstand Designs

A bedroom isn’t complete without the perfect bedside tables to frame it. Unfortunately, finding nightstands that not only look great but function well, are within budget and fit in your bedroom isn’t always as easy as it should be. The last thing you want is to be getting out of bed to reach your night-time essentials, so we’re hoping to get you inspired to make shopping—and enjoying your new nightstands—a little bit quicker. Whether you’re looking for function, style, or a little bit of both, we’re excited to share twelve bedside table ideas that are sure to suit any décor style

12 Creative Bedside Table Ideas

Creative nightstand ideas aren’t necessarily hard to come by, but choosing one that compliments your home décor is. We’ve provided a comprehensive list of bedside table ideas to broaden your options and give you some furniture hunting motivation. Happy shopping!

1. Practical Drawers

Sometimes, classic is best. Drawer nightstands strike a great balance between form and function, complementing your bed beautifully. Whether you’re a bohemian dreamer or more into industrial décor, drawer bedside tables come in a wide variety of styles to suit any bedroom style.

2. Shabby Chic Stool

A hallmark of shabby chic is upcycling, so why not try one of these upcycled bedside table ideas? Find a footstool around the same height as your bed (or slightly shorter) and use it in place of a bedside table. This switch is unique and fun but best suited to those who won’t miss the bedside storage.

3. Textured Pouf

Nothing says comfort quite like a pouf, and as a bonus, they’re often around the ideal height for a bedside table. Simply set a tray on top with a few essentials to stabilise the surface, and you’re done! Choose poufs in fun matching or mismatching colours and textures that complement your bedding.

4. Storage Trunk

If there’s one thing pirates and lovers of farmhouse interiors have in common, it’s an affinity for chests and trunks. There’s no reason why this handy storage space can’t double as a bedside table. Make sure to limit items sitting on top of the blanket box to night-time necessities for easier access to the inner compartment.

5. Odd Couple

They say that opposites attract, and that’s definitely true when it comes to your bedside tables. Mix and match your nightstands to create an ambience that radiates ‘effortlessly undone’. If you’re short on space, substitute one of your nightstands for a lowboy, chest or even desk to save square footage. 

6. Handy Baskets

You don’t have to compromise on function to have style. Some bedside tables won’t offer much in the way of storage—which is where storage baskets come in. Tuck a basket under your nightstand to conceal blankets, remotes and other items best kept out of sight.

7. Faux Floating Shelf

Accessible and renter-friendly floating nightstand ideas can be hard to come by, but they are a must-have in any minimalists home. Create the illusion of space using a nightstand with a dainty, sleek base that disguises itself among your walls and flooring. This will allow your shelf or drawer to take the spotlight and appear as if it’s floating.

8. Step Stool

No, we don’t mean the one in your garage. Decorative step stools are a quirky bedside table option, and they double as a boost for changing light bulbs in a pinch. Dual-purpose items are space-saving, clever and environmentally friendly, and not to mention, incredibly chic! 

9. Rustic Tree Stump

Let’s strip it back to basics—literally. Bark-stripped teak wood tree stumps make chic bedside tables, and as a bonus, they’re incredibly sturdy. Channel a bohemian look by choosing decorative pieces that show off the wood’s natural character.

10. Accent Stool

One of our favourite ways to spice up an otherwise neutral-toned bedroom is by adding a pop of colour and interest via the bedside tables. Look for an accent stool or side table with an eclectic geometric pattern or bright colour to offset your muted textiles. 

11. Classic Side Table

Less is more, and sometimes all you need to complete your bedroom is an understated side table that will last you through many design phases. With a neutral base, feel free to get experimental with display trays and bedside lamps to pull the room together.  

12. All-In-One

A nod to the mid-century, headboards and beds with built-in side tables are not only chic, but incredibly trendy. A low-profile platform bed is perfect for those with minimal bedside table storage needs. 

Bedside Table Decor Ideas

The sky’s your limit when it comes to decorating your bedside table, but a good rule of thumb is that less is that simplicity is king. Here are some common pieces found on a bedside table for your consideration.


Unless you’re planning on installing sconces, a lamp is a bedside table essential. Use it as an opportunity to add a subtle touch of style to your bedroom suite. 


Flowers and greenery will inject a pop of colour into your bedroom as well as an organic touch.

Decor Accents

Choose one or two decor accents that make you smile and reflect your personality. Think sculptures, vases or picture frames.


If you’re a book lover, why not make them a focal point in your room? Stack up a few books and prop a trinket dish on top for a chic touch.


After a long day, nothing helps you unwind more than relaxing in candlelight. Add your favourite candle to your bedside table for easy access. 

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