Tall TV Stands

Require a tall TV unit to stand your TV on at a desired comfortable eye level? We have hand picked a range of high TV units for that very reason. We have sourced a large variety of tall TV stands in glass, timber and metal frames, in many designs and sizes. Our range also includes tall TV cabinets which is perfect for storing any consoles, DVDs and games. Be sure to find your perfect tall TV unit with our collection.

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Can you put a bigger TV on a smaller stand?

Although it might seem inconvenient, if you’re upsizing your TV, you’ll probably have to find a longer TV stand to go with it. In general, it’s a good idea for your TV stand width (in cm) to double or triple your TV’s inches.

If the base of your TV hangs off the side of your TV unit, this could be both a safety issue for households with pets and kids, and cost you in repairs. A bigger stand will not only serve to improve the safety of your TV, but will also look more balanced and provide a surface for decor items such as picture frames and plants.

How high should a TV stand be?

The perfect TV stand will allow you to watch TV at eye level. Here’s how to work out how tall your TV stand should be:

1. Measure how high your eye line is:

Using measuring tape, measure the distance from the floor to the average eye line of the people in your household.

2. Subtract the TV measurements:

Take that measurement and subtract half of your TVs height.

3. Provide allowance:

Your ideal TV stand will be in around 10cm of your measurements, on either side.

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