Cast Bronze Art Nouveau Figurines & Collectibles

Some of these sculptures would make fantastic front hall decorations, placed underneath a wall mirror on top of a small table or on a pedestal. The peacock jewellery tray would look great in the hallway too, a magnificent place to put your mail or keys. The fairy astride the dolphin would be a fabulous welcome to visitors. Made of cold-cast bronze and hand polished, colour is hand painted and each item finished with a protective clear lacquer coating. There is a range of peacocks adorning trinket boxes, table mirrors and vases. Art Nouveau ladies, ephemeral beauties in diaphanous gowns, languidly grace jewellery boxes, photo frames and table clocks. Mermaids lure from candle holders and soap trays. There are items for every room - a hand mirror for the dressing table, a serviette holder for the dining table - these are keepsakes that can earn their keep.

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